Program Features

Some of the features of PTISlab are:

bulletDesign and Analysis of slab-on-ground foundations on both
expansive and compressible soils.
bulletCalculation and analysis of uniform thickness slabs, sometimes
referred to as California flat slabs.
bulletAnalysis of a slab's capacity to support on interior line load or
concentrated point load
bulletOn-screen warning messages for out of compliance conditions.
bulletOn-screen warning messages for elements of the designed
foundation that do not meet PTI's recommendation (PTI Exceptions).
bulletPTISlab 3.2 is based on PTI's 3rd Edition manual and corresponding Standard and includes the structural changes in Addendum #1 (May 24, 2007) and #2 (June 2008).
bulletPTISlab 3.5 includes the structural changes in PTI's DC10.5-12 publication: Standard Requirements for Design and Analysis of Shallow Post-Tensioned Concrete Foundations on Expansive Soils
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System Requirements

System requirements to run PTISlab are:

bulletA 486-DX or higher processor (Pentium recommended)
bullet32 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)
bulletWindows 98 or higher
bullet20 MB of available hard drive space
bulletSVGA monitor, 800 x 600 resolution
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Demonstration Version Download

PTISlab 3.2 (Build 100712) 

PTISlab 3.5 (Build 011313)

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